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This new service will allow customers the opportunity to have an advance opinion from a top industry expert.


Villa Park, Calif. – May 12, 2008 – President of Autograph Certification Experts (ACE) Neil Whiteley Ross announced today the launch of their On-Line Opinion service. This new service will enable consumers the ability to submit any previously signed item for an initial review via a digital image.

This new service will allow customers the opportunity to have an advance opinion from a top industry expert. “People want to know if items are good before they spend their hard earned dollars, not after” said Ross. By uploading their own photographic image or simply listing a current eBay listing ID number, consumers will have the ability to make an informed decision prior to their next purchase.

Autograph Certification Experts, LLC is proud to present a platform for the industry to utilize a tool that better fits the needs of both collectors and dealers. The On-Line Opinion service can be accessed at the company website,

About On-Line Opinion
Designed to help collectors make a more informed decision prior to their next purchase, now you can submit a digital image for an On-Line Opinion. Simply fill out the On-Line Opinion submission form and either enter an eBay item number ID or upload your own photo. With a fast and easy payment of $7.00 and within 24-36 hours you will receive an email stating ACE’s findings. The following results will be given as if the item were physically submitted for ACE’s Certification service:

Likely Genuine – Expert believes item would likely pass certification

Not Likely Genuine – Expert believes item would not likely pass certification

Confirmation of On-Line Opinion request has been successfully submitted you will be given a case number which will appear on the email you receive after the ACE expert staff has reviewed the item submitted.

About Autograph Certification Experts, LLC
Leading in autograph certification, ACE combines state of the art technology and the industry’s top experts to provide consumers peace of mind that their treasured items are genuine. With one of the largest signature exemplar libraries, ACE is able to combine their expert analysis with side by side comparison of known genuine signatures.
Items submitted for certification are carefully reviewed individually by an autograph expert. Each signature is meticulously studied and analyzed based on size, spacing, slant, flow, pen pressure, and basic form. Each of these characteristics provides key factors in the determination of a signature’s legitimacy.
Autograph Certification Experts has also taken the additional steps to ensure the security of our certification labels. Our tamper evident security labels are nearly impossible to remove without damaging, making alterations easily visible for the utmost consumer protection. For more information please visit

Neil Whiteley Ross

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Before you make your next purchase get an expert opinion first.

Signed in the Presence Authentication are witnessed by ACE representatives and are guaranteed authentic.​

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