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*Autograph Certification Experts, LLC is also reffered to as “ACE” herein.

Assessment Letters

Assessment Letters are created for those items that do not pass certification and are only available on full service fee items. Assessment Letters will not be produced for any promotional or discounted services offered by ACE. For your protection we do not discuss the certification results on the phone or via email prior to you receiving them back.

Autograph Certification Experts carries a $1,000,000 insurance policy. All items shipped back to customers are covered under this policy, no additional insurance is needed. ACE does not use courier insurance to ship items back.

Items in Holders or Shrink-Wrap

If you ship your collectible enclosed in a holder or shrink-wrap, please be advised that your item may be removed for examination. Items will be removed from their protective holder to undergo the certification process. Any shrink wrap around items submitted will be removed and not re-wrapped. Upon completion of the examination process, your item will be placed into its original holder, but will not be recovered in shrink-wrap. In the event your baseball or 3″x 5″, 5″ x 7″ or 8″ x 10″ photograph or cut autograph arrives without a protective holder, one will be provided at no additional charge.

Autograph Certification Experts, LLC Company Policies

Autograph Certification Experts, LLC opinions are not influenced by any other company. Nor do they intend to influence the opinions of any other company. Autograph Certification Experts, LLC is a independent 3rd party whose sole purpose is to render an opinion as to the authenticity of submitted items. ACE has no stake in the sale of any items and does not participate in the selling of any items. Certification and authentication is a subjective opinion by a professional authenticator. Occasionally opinions of a certain signature can change. Therefore, ACE makes no warranty or representation and shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer for the opinion rendered by ACE on any submission. ACE estimates a turnaround time of 7-20 days based upon the amount of submissions. Items are certified in the order they come in. The total turnaround time is based upon the rate at which ACE is able to efficiently and effectively assess each autograph.

ACE does not assist customers in reimbursement issues. All reimbursement issues must be taken up with the seller(s) of an item(s).

ACE will not be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances when shipping items to and from an authentication site. Problems will have to be taken up between the shipping company and customer.

ACE will exercise considerable care in handling submissions for certification. In the rare case an item is lost or damaged, ACE will reimburse the customer based upon the current market value of the item. The current market value will be determined solely by ACE. See compensation procedure below.

Office visits are by appointment only. The visits are contingent on the amount of items and the perceived value of the item. Letters of certification may be supplied at the time of grading, depending on the workload of the employees. If not specified, ACE will assume discretion of the placement of the tamper evident label on your authenticated item. We respect the views and opinions of other companies, individuals and hobbyists within the industry and we refrain from making any comments associated with these groups.

ACE does not provide information regarding certification results over the phone, by fax or by e-mail. Any progress can be found by logging into the customer account on the ACE website at

Compensation Policy

In the rare case an item is lost or damaged in the care of ACE, the procedures below will be followed:

A comparable replacement will be made if possible. If not, compensation will be based on current fair market value. If applicable, customer will supply ACE with proof of purchase for replacement item to receive compensation amount. Payment will be deemed as the current fair market value based exclusively on ACE’s opinion and discretion. Compensation will be paid via credit card, check, money order or PayPal. ACE does not recognize the value placed on the item by the customer for insurance purposes as the fair market value. Restitution is only applicable to items submitted for ACE Certificate, ACE Letter, Diamond Certification, and Encapsulation. Auction Letters are not eligible for restitution.

Maximum reimbursement for items submitted under the Diamond Service is $20.

Autograph Certification Experts, LLC Auction House Letter Guidelines

Autograph Certification Experts, LLC (ACE) offers several different forms of certification, which includes a service expressly designed for acknowledged auction houses. These Auction House Letters are generated exclusively to accommodate national auction houses in accordance with the substantial volume of autograph material to be presented in a respective catalog. Winning bidders will receive our Auction House Letter containing the lot number, item(s) description (provided by the auction house) and date the auction was held. These letters are more general and differ from our premium letters in that they are the preliminary examination of items and do not go through the traditional full examination process. Unlike the premium ACE Letter, the Auction House versions have a facsimile signature of an ACE representative, and do not have a digital photograph of the autograph(s), certification number or tamper evident label. The text is provided by the auction house and is solely their verbiage. If the winning auction bidder would like to have the letter upgraded to our premium service, ACE charges a $30 upgrade fee per individual item. ACE encourages all customers to take advantage of this special offer to ensure the highest level of service. In the rare event that our opinion differs from our original examination with the auction house, no upgrade fee will be charged. ACE does not guarantee Auction Letters and they are not eligible for restitution. Only original auction house ACE Letters are accepted for the upgraded service within 60 days of the date on the Auction Letter. Photocopies are not accepted.

It is important to fully understand the differences in all of our products to avoid any misconceptions or confusion. Too see all the services that ACE provides, please click here.

Policies are subject to change at the discretion of Autograph Certification Experts, LLC

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Signed in the Presence Authentication are witnessed by ACE representatives and are guaranteed authentic.​

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