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Signed in the Presence

The most restrictive and distinguished certification service offered by ACE, Signed in the Presence is only available for items that an authorized ACE representative has witnessed being signed. Items undergoing this service will have a serial numbered tamper evident label affixed to them, accompanied by a matching numbered certification card providing unquestionable documentation. Items will also be registered in the ACE online database for easy verification. If you would like to inquire about ACE providing this service at one of your upcoming signings, please email us at

ACE Certificate

ACE CertificateItems submitted for Vintage Certification will be reviewed by the ACE expert staff to render an opinion as to the validity of the signature(s). Each signature reviewed undergoes side-by-side comparison against known genuine exemplars from the ACE library. Signatures are analyzed based on size, spacing, slant, flow, pen pressure, and basic form. Items that pass the certification process will have a serial numbered tamper evident certification label affixed to them. The location of the label is at the preference of the customer. A certification card with matching registration number pairs with the label and is available for 24 hour verification online in the ACE database. Certifications start at $20, full pricing information can be viewed on our pricing schedule. ACE Letter
Letter of Certification
For higher end items, ACE offers a customized letter detailing your item. Items deemed genuine that are submitted for ACE Letter service will be photo documented and described in detail. A serial numbered tamper evident label will be affixed either to the item itself or the letter.

Encapsulation ACE offers its autograph authentication encapsulation service for items that are standard trading card size or smaller. Each item is described with an identifying label and sonically sealed in its own protective case. Encapsulation service starts at $20 and up to $35. Submissions for encapsulation service are only accepted during certain times of the year. Please see our encapsulation schedule.

In Home Certification

If you have a large quantity of items and would like ACE to come out to your home or business, please click here for more information.

Auction Houses

ACE is happy to offer customized services for auction house nationwide. For more information and policies regarding ACE providing certification for your next auction, please click here.

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Signed in the Presence Authentication are witnessed by ACE representatives and are guaranteed authentic.‚Äč

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