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Online Opinion

Designed to help collectors make a more informed decision prior to their next purchase, now you can submit a digital image for an On-Line Opinion. Requirements: 1. Send $7.0 payment below for each item. 2. Image must be less than 1600pixel in width or height. Resize your image here. 2A. Accepted image dimensions are 800, 1024, 1280, or 1600 pixel on image largest size. 3. Send your email to the email address below. Please add your PayPal confirmation number. customerservice AT Make a fast and easy payment of $7.00 and within 24-36 hours you will receive an email stating ACE’s findings.

Single online opinion

The following results will be given as if the item were physically submitted for ACE’s Certification service:

  • Likely Genuine – Expert believes item would likely pass certification
  • Not Likely Genuine – Expert believes item would not likely pass certification

To confirm your On-Line Opinion has been successfully submitted you will be given a case number which will appear on the email you receive after the ACE expert staff has reviewed the item submitted.

Feel free to contact us at the email address below with any questions regarding the online-opinion service.
customerservice AT

Before you make your next purchase get an expert opinion first.

Signed in the Presence Authentication are witnessed by ACE representatives and are guaranteed authentic.​

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