Online Opinion

Designed to help collectors make a more informed decision prior to their next purchase, now you can submit a digital image for an On-Line Opinion. 

Make a fast and easy payment of $7.00 and within 24-36 hours you will receive an email stating ACE’s findings. The following results will be given as if the item were physically submitted for ACE’s Certification service:

  • Likely Genuine – Expert believes item would likely pass certification
  • Not Likely Genuine – Expert believes item would not likely pass certification

To confirm your On-Line Opinion has been successfully submitted you will be given a case number which will appear on the email you receive after the ACE expert staff has reviewed the item submitted.

On-Line Opinion submission form

Feel free to contact us at the email address below with any questions regarding the online-opinion service…

NOSPAM O n l i n e O p i n i o n @ a u t o g r a p h c e r t i f i c a t i o n e x p e r t s . c o m